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The document Strategy of cultural development of the city of Banja Luka 2018-2028 was voted on June 26th 2018 at the City assembly meeting. This document, which has been in the works for more than a year, and two months in public debate, brings the vision, mission and the strategic goals of cultural development to the period from 2018 to 2028.

General goals of the strategy

The Strategy, which has included the whole cultural sector in its creation process, has used the detected key challenges to define six general goals:

  1. Transparent and participative cultural policy
  2. Developed infrastructural network for arts and culture
  3. Strong, authentic and professional art scene
  4. Defined cultural policy and strategy in the fields of cultural and natural heritage
  5. Developed cultural and creative industries
  6. Cultures in dialogue

Following this method, the three important aspects of culture have been incorporated, considering that the cultural sector is lately defined as comprising of art, heritage and cultural and creative industries.

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The Banja Luka Strategy of cultural development is the first strategic document of this type in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it has come to life as a product of the initiative to make Banja Luka a candidate for the title of European capital of culture 2024


The authors of the Strategy are: Monika Ponjavić, Dijana Grbić, Marko Bilbija, in cooperation with dr Sarita Vujković and Mladen Banjac. The editor of the Strategy is Monika Ponjavić and the consultant in the process was prof. dr Milena Dragićević-Šešić.

Four general goals of the Cultural Strategy, beside challenges and priorities, were taken as the frame for defining the cultural and artistic programme of Banja Luka 2024 Bidding Book:

Cultures in Dialogue




Public Space


Authentic, professional scene

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