Political support for Banja Luka

projekat banjaluka 2024 dobio politicku podrsku

The project “Banja Luka 2024” received political support from all levels of Bosnia and Herzegovina, fulfilling the third important condition for candidacy.

Mister Igor Radojičić, Mayor of Banja Luka, mister Dane Malešević, Minister of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska and mister Adil Osmanović, Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina sent letters of support to the project “Banja Luka 2024”, which officially enabled Banja Luka to meet all conditions to become the candidate for the title of “European Capital of Culture”.

Recognizing the progress of Banja Luka in the field of culture  in the past two years, which, among other things, is a direct result of decision to run for this title, the Mayor of Banja Luka, the Minister of Education and Culture and the Minister of Civil Affairs expressed hope that Banja Luka will bid for the next round of this competition and wished success to the Banja Luka ECoC team, the citizens of Banja Luka, as well as all the other competing cities.

Letters of support are an integral part of the application for the “European Capital of Culture”.

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