First activities on the BL 2024 application

prve aktivnosti na aplikaciji banja luka 2024

Banja Luka 2024 Team, which was entrusted with the development of the BL 2024 application, as well as the Cultural Strategy, has begin its work. The process of research and analysing the current state in the field of culture, necessary for the development of the Strategy, and the application that will rely to a large extent on this strategic document, is in its first phase.

It implies several stages, the first of which relates to field research. During the preparatory phase of the field research, which lasted during May 2017, over 140 questionnaires were sent to all cultural institutions and civic society organizations operating in the city. The call for participation and cooperation in this process was answered by over 90 cultural actors, with individual and group interviews planned to be conducted during June, July and August.

In the first phase, which will last for six weeks, BL 2024 team will open a dialogue with all cultural operators and actors that answered the call. Each session of individual interviews will last 45 minutes.

The focus of these sessions, apart from the European Capital of Culture project, will be on the work of the institution or the organisation, including the important problems and key challenges they are currently facing.

Anyone wishing to take part in these session can do so by sending an email to a following address:

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