Final Application BL 2024 is in Brussels

aplikacija BL2024

After almost three years of committed and hard work and entering the finals, City of Banja Luka and Foundation “Banja Luka 2024”, have sent the “Banja Luka 2024” Bid to the European Commission.

Relying significantly on the Strategy of Cultural Development of Banja Luka 2018-2028, a strategic document that, after almost two months of public debate, was adopted at the City Assembly in June of 2018, thus making it the very first strategic document for the development of culture at the city level in Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Banja Luka 2024” Bid seeks its foothold in the concept of electromagnetism and opposite poles that complement one another. The programme consists of two programme poles, four programme streams and a total of 72 projects, out of which 80% were obtained through a call.

Following the strict framework set by the European Commission, the application consists of 100 pages A4 format and answers to around a total of 40 questions organized in 7 chapters:

  • Introduction and general consideration,
  • Contribution to the Long-term Strategy,
  • Cultural and Artistic Content,
  • European Dimension,
  • Outreach,
  • Management and
  • Capacity to deliver.

Other two cities that entered the final round with Banja Luka are Mostar and Norwegian Bodo. Application will be read and judged by a 10-member panel, comprised of European experts in culture. The results of their ruling are expected on 25th September, 2019, after the presentation by the team on 24th September, 2019 in front of the Panel.

With the help of the entire cultural scene, the Banja Luka 2024 application is imagined, conceptualized, written and designed by: Monika Ponjavić, Vuk Radulović, Marko Bilbija, Saša Đorđević, Bojan Galić, Mirjana Galić, Dijana Grbić, Nemanja Milenković, Ognjen Šukalo i Nikola Kužet.

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