European experts in Banja Luka

Evropski predstavnici u BL

First draft of “Banja Luka 2024” Bid was finished on 2nd of August 2018, after which it was referred to the expert opinion and comments of European cultural workers and experts with significant experience in the project “European Capital of Culture”.

In the period from 24th until 27th of August, Banja Luka had the opportunity to host Christian Potiron (Košice 2013, Debrecen 2023), Petr Šimon (Plzen 2016), Victor Yankov (Plovdiv 2019) and Igor Mavrin (Osijek 2020), who, together with the Banja Luka team, within the intensive three-day workshop “Where do we stand?”, worked on developing the final version of the first “Banja Luka 2024” Bid.

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