BL 2024 bid presented in front of the Council and Managing board

Prezentovana aplikacija Banja Luka 2024

Final version of “Banja Luka 2024” Bid was completed on 1st of October 2018, after which, on 2nd of October, it was presented to the Council for preparation and participation of the City of Banja Luka in the project “European Capital of Culture” for the year of 2024 and the Managing board of the Foundation “Banja Luka 2024”.

After the presentation by the representatives of the Banja Luka team, which lasted 50 minutes, both, the Council and the Managing Board, unanimously accepted the written application and gave permission for the application to be sent to the European Commission.

Deadline for submission is October 10th, 2018. Twenty copies of the printed, hard copy versions and one electronic copy are to be sent to Brussels, along with all accompanying documentation.

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